KIYOMI IWATA: From Volume To Line

Visual Arts Center of Richmond, April 10 – June 7, 2015
Kiyomi Iwata: From Volume to Line is sponsored by Dawn and Stuart Siegel, Friends of Fiber Art International, the National Endowment for the Arts ArtWorks grant, and the Windgate Charitable Foundation.

Visual Arts Center of Richmond. Kiyomi Iwata: From Volume to Line. Photography by David Hunter Hale



AMERICAN CRAFT MAGAZINE | December/January 2015

ALWAYS UNFOLDING by Joyce Lovelace

For Kiyomi Iwata, walking through her retrospective show this past spring at the Visual Arts Center of Richmond was like seeing the story of her life unfold. 

On display were the various dimensions of Iwata’s art, 32 of the lyrical textile sculptures her sensitive hands have formed, stitched, woven, knotted, dyed, and painted over the years: ethereal containers made of silk organza, metal mesh folded into bundles resembling exquisitely wrapped gifts, layered hangings encasing fragments of poetry lettered in gold leaf. There was new and different work, too, some of her most personal and experimental to date. 

“Evolution is so much a part of life,” she reflects. “That’s what the creative process is about. There is never an ending.”

See more on the American Craft Council Website  Full article to be available February, 2016.

Iwata traces the shadow of a kibiso tapestry onto canvas. Her artmaking is fluid and free. “I’m totally open,” she says. “And because I’m open, I can float. For me, that’s an exciting process in itself.” Photo: Robert Severi - See more here.